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To build muscle, you must have the proper fuel. WheyFit protein is a careful blend of whey, soy, and egg proteins and contains all of the best componenets available in protein:

· Fuels muscle growth

· Blend of the highest    quality proteins -- whey, soy, and egg

· 19 grams of protein per serving

· Very low in carbohydrates -- & only 2 grams per serving

· Very low in fat -- only 1 gram per serving

· Microfiltered whey isolate -- fat and lactose removed

· Cold processed

· High in microfractions including lactoferrin and immunoglobulins

· Nutritious, Non-GMO, organic soy · Breaks down proteins fast with & proteolytic (protein breakdown) enzyme-complex blend

· Improves digestion with fructooligo- saccharides that feed friendly bacteria

· Only 90 calories per serving

· High in antioxidants and blueberry powder that contains   proanthocyanidins

Special Reports
New WheyFit™ - Superior Protein
for Active People:

An Essential Part of Any Strength Training
or Fitness Program

drink1.gif - 11kb Designed to help build muscles and increase endurance, WheyFit™ is one of the best forms of protein available today.

Protein forms the building blocks of all muscles. Adequate protein is crucial not only for maintaining muscle but also for building many immune complexes and chemical messengers in the body.

There are many high-protein foods available today. And you may be consuming plenty of high-protein foods. But, are you actually assimilating the protein you need?

You see, after the age of 35 your digestive enzyme secretions start diminishing. Without adequate enzymes, your body simply cannot digest a big chunk of protein very well (particularly A Blood Types). That partially digested protein begins to putrefy in the intestines, causing discomfort and leaching toxins into the system. And little of its valuable proteins can be assimilated by your body!

So even if you're eating a protein-rich diet, you may actually be protein starved!

Needless to say, that doesn't do much for your health!

What is needed is digestible protein. Protein that your body can assimilate - protein that does not become toxic waste. Whey is one of the most complete proteins -- and the most easily digested. But the type of whey makes all the difference in it usefulness to your body.

The Drawbacks of Ion-Exchange Whey

A few years ago, ion-exchange, cross-flow whey production became popular. Shelves of this type of whey appeared in health-food stores and catalogs. Unfortunately, ion-exchange, cross-flow membrane whey proved to contain excess sodium. You may be shocked to learn that it can contain up to 89 percent sodium!

This happens because the process of ion-exchange strips out calcium and magnesium ions, and replaces them with sodium ions. The result is an extremely high-sodium product that is virtually devoid of necessary and beneficial magnesium and calcium.

What happens when you eat a protein high in sodium? We all know that sodium draws water to it. The excess sodium in ion-exchange whey draws water into the muscle. So while the muscle appears to be growing, it's really only full of fluid! And, even worse, the excess sodium throws the potassium levels out of balance. When that happens, the electrolytes go out of balance and the entire metabolism suffers. And the whole purpose has just been defeated.

And here's more bad news -- ion exchange whey is also much higher in fat, and is completely deficient in three unique antimicrobial proteins:

· lactoferrin
· lactoperoxidase
· glycomacropeptide1

Is there another method to process the whey so that is it safer and healthier?

There is -- through micro-filtration.

The Superior Nutrition of Microfiltered Whey

Microfiltered ultrafiltered (MF/UF) whey, on the other hand, is far superior to ion exchange whey. It is rich in important minerals (magnesium and potassium) and contains all three of the antibacterial and antiviral whey proteins not found in ion-exchange whey. In addition, microfiltered ultrafiltered whey is very low in fat and undergoes far less processing than ion-exchange whey.

And that's not all, microfiltered ultrafiltered whey contains small amounts of beneficial lactoferrin, a milk protein not found in ion-exchange whey. Lactoferrin has been shown to be antibacterial2 and antioxidant.3 It inhibits the implantation of harmful E-coli bacteria in the stomach and intestines.4 It has even been found to have antifungal5 and antiviral properties against hepatitis C, cytomegalovirus, and herpes viruses.6 Microfiltered ultrafiltered whey contains yet another protein not found in ion-exchange whey: Lactoperoxidase. This whey protein has been found to be highly immune stimulating.7

The microfiltration process not only filters the whey so that the sodium levels are reduced, but the lactose levels are also reduced. This allows those with a lactose intolerance to digest it without any trouble.

Why Microfiltered Whey is Far Superior to Ion Exchange Whey

Laboratory analyses show that microfiltered/ultrafiltered (MF/UF) whey contains 7 times the potassium and 5 times the calcium of commonly available ion exchange wheys. MF/UF whey also contains lactoferrin, a powerful antibacterial protein as well as immune-modulating glycomacropeptides.

AnalysesMF/UF WheyIE Whey
Beta-Lactoglobulin 5.766.0
Bovine serum albumin 1.4 5.9
Immunoglobulins 2.5 2.5
Glycomacropeptide20.6 0
Lactoferrin 0.1 0
Peptide fragments 4.8 0
Calcium 0.49% 0.08%
Magnesium 0.06% 0.08%
Potassium 0.59% 0.08%
Phosphorus 0.24% 0.02%
Sodium 0.23% 0.47%
Source: Independent laboratory analysis8

Young Living Chooses Microfiltered Whey for WheyFit™

Looking at all this research, Young Living Essential Oils made the decision to use microfiltered ultrafiltered (MF/UF) whey in their protein supplement, WheyFit.™ Then, to make it even better, they added a complex of enzymes (amylase, celluase, lactase, lipase, neutral protease) for better digestion. And real organic soy -- not genetically engineered soy protein.

Then they put in organic egg albumin (egg whites), the highest protein that can be absorbed into the human body. Albumin contains 100% bio-available protein. It is the highest ranking protein in both digestibility and quality according to the PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score.

The PDCAAS is the newest and most comprehensive system for measuring protein quality. Developed in l985, it ranks both the bioavailability and ratio of specific amino acids in a protein. According to the FDA, no protein can have a score higher than 1-- the score that egg whites hold.

WheyFit™ delivers 19-20 grams of protein per scoop with only 90 calories! For those wanting an even higher protein breakfast or energy drink, one scoop of Whey Fit added to one scoop of Power Meal,™ mixed together, can't be beat. This combination contains over 28 grams of protein per serving. And keeps your caloric intake very low.

WheyFit™ also contains powerful antioxidants to promote insulin action and protect the body from oxidative stress.

In addition, FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) have been added for improving the healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. Technically a fiber, rather than a sugar, FOS triggers no "spikes" in blood sugar levels the way sucrose and glucose do. It has been shown to balance blood sugar levels, help support liver function, and improve calcium and magnesium absorption (Cambell et al., 1997; Alles et al., 1999; Morohashi et al., 1998).

Other ingredients include lecithin, digestive enzymes, stevia, vanilla, zinc, and magnesium.

Try the high-protein, antioxidant goodness of WheyFit™ today!

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