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Special Reports

Pregnenolone –
The Amazing Natural Substance
That Erases Years


Can pregnenolone help you grow younger?

Can it help support your hormonal system and help you erase years without side-effects?

Pregnenolone is the master hormone from which all other steroid hormones in your body are created. It can be called the parent compound of all hormones, such as progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, and aldosterone.

Your body uses pregnenolone to produce just the right amount of everything you need -- completely naturally, and in just the perfect balance, whether you're a man or a woman. Figuring out how much progesterone or estrogen you really need is a daunting task. Even medical tests are far too general. It becomes a game of guesswork or trial and error.

But when there is enough pregnenolone in the system, the body takes care of itself. Naturally and without side-effects!

Pregnenalone is natural substance normally manufactured in your body from cholesterol. Besides the endocrine system, it's involved in emotional health, proper sleep, reduced stress, and many other functions.

Life Without Pregnenolone Gets Old Fast

We're all born with plenty of Pregnenolone. The trouble is, it declines with age, along with all the other steroid hormones in your body. Between the ages of 20 and 60, levels of pregnenolone, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and DHEA drop by 50 percent or more. Unfortunately, pregnenolone drops over 60 percent between the ages of 35 and 75. DHEA declines even more dramatically, dropping by over 80 percent between ages 25 and 75.

The decline of these hormones has been linked to accelerated aging, shortened life expectancy, and many age-related diseases.

A rising tide of clinical research is just beginning to show the powerful benefits of natural pregnenolone. And what's amazing is that this completely natural substance is non-toxic and virtually without side effects!

But Why Haven't We Heard About Pregnenolone Before?

By now you must be wondering why you haven't heard about pregnenolone before. The truth is, it was heavily researched in the 1940s. But then, in 1949, the drug Premarin was manufactured. When that happened, all funding for pregnenolone research ended and all attention turned to steroid drugs - after all, that's where the money was.

Chemical drugs could be patented and sold for high prices. But a patent could not be taken out on Pregnenolone, since it's a natural substance. Pharmaceutical companies were free to research natural substances, but there was little profit in it.

Dr. Ray Sahelian, in his book, Pregnenolone: Nature's Feel Good Hormone, quotes physician Dr. Arnold Fox:

"I remember pregnenolone from the 1950s, when it was mentioned in medical school as a form of therapy for arthritis. PREG, at that time, was being sold without a prescription. But then cortisone emerged on the scene, and that changed everything - pregnenolone vanished from the public eye. However, few people realized that although cortisone gave remarkable short-term improvements, it was later discovered that it also unleashed terrible side effects, including immune suppression and osteoporosis."

Luckily, in 1994, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act, allowing vitamins, minerals, herbs, food extracts, or derivatives to be sold without FDA approval. So pregnenolone, considered a food derivative, is once again the subject of intense research.

Dr. Hans Selye, who virtually created the field of neuroendocrinology, wrote that pregnenolone "...possesses - at least in traces - every independent main pharmacological action which has hitherto been shown to be exhibited by any steroid hormone."

Dr. Eugene Roberts adds:
"Generally, the clinical reports of yesteryear indicated that pregnenolone could exert marked improvements on various symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It also seemed to affect other autoimmune conditions, e.g., lupus."

Benefits MEN as Much as Women

Surprisingly, men benefit just as much as women do from pregnenolone, but in different ways. A study conducted by Rahmawhati Sih, Ph.D. on the effect of pregnenolone on mental function, showed that, although all subjects who had taken pregnenolone showed improvement, there were gender variations. This suggests that pregnenolone is broken down differently by men and women. It appears to have a testosterone-like effect in men and an estrogen-like effect in women.

This is really quite remarkable when you think of what it would take for a chemist to program a formulated drug to be adapted by the body as naturally as pregnenolone is.

Safe and Well Tolerated

You can rest assured that pregnenolone is well tolerated and its safety has been well documented. William Regelson, M. D., and Carol Colman stated in their book, The Super-Hormone Promise: Nature's Antidote to Aging, Pocket Books, 1996, "We know that pregnenolone is safe, well tolerated, and causes no know side effects..."

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