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Special Reports
How to Support And Fortify
Your Immune System

Your body has an amazing mechanism built into it for your protection, called the immune system. It is designed to defend you against the millions of bacteria, viruses, microbes, toxins and parasites that constantly try to invade your body.

Your immune system works around the clock in many intricate and complex ways. But it does its work largely unnoticed - unless something goes wrong, or you get injured, or attacked by a bacteria or virus you have no immunity to.

It's safe to say that your immune system is your most important body system. It must be strong and responsive in order to combat infectious diseases and to counteract toxins. If there's any doubt, just think of what happens to a dead bird or animal. With no immune system to protect it, in a very short time a wide variety of bacteria, microbes, parasites and insects devour and dismantle the decaying carcass until nothing but clean-picked bones are left. One must agree that our immune system does a huge job to save us from that fate while we are alive!

The workings of the immune system are very complex. For more information on how your immune system works, Click Here

How Can You Strengthen Your Immune System?

The biggest question for most people is how can they improve and strengthen their immune system.

One of the best ways is by using therapeutic-grade essential oils and supplements containing essential oils. That's because essential oils:

  • Are high in antioxidants
  • Are oxygenating
  • Are immune enhancing and support the body's natural defenses
  • Aid in maintaining normal cellular regeneration
  • Boost stamina and energy
  • Essential oils containing sesquiterpenes have the ability to pass the blood-brain barrier. That means they can bring oxygen and nutrients in, and take toxins and wastes out.

Nothing can do the job better than therapeutic-grade essential oils. It makes sense to use essential oils for your immune system.

But many people ask which oils best support the immune system and how to use them. Below are some suggestions:

10 Sure-Fire Ways You Can Support and Maintain
Your Immune System

1. Cleanse the intestinal tract. Some experts say 40 percent of immune system function is found in the intestinal tract in the pirus patchet. Others say the intestines account for an even greater percentage of immune function. Either way, the colon and liver need to be cleansed of the toxins and accumulated wastes that can sap energy and weaken immune response.

The Cleansing Trio is a complete intestinal cleansing solution. Click Here for more information.

Eliminate parasites as part of cleansing the intestinal tract. Parasites compromise immune function by using up nutrients and overloading the system with toxins, leaving the body depleted, weakened and susceptible to infectious disease.

Contrary to popular opinion, most people harbor parasites of some form or another. It is unavoidable to pick some up through the course of life. And once they find themselves in your body, they generally procreate rapidly. That's why it's so important to periodically take a course of ParaFree and DiTone. These two blends create a hostile environment for parasites. For more info...Click Here.

2. Avoid stress, excess fear, anxiety, and depression. Stress factors and negative emotions can undermine and compromise immune function. Essential oils can be extremely helpful in overcoming stress and maintaining a balanced, happy state of mind.

3. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet. The body needs vitamins, minerals, and a healthy balance of proteins and carbohydrates to rebuild cells and function properly. A diet high in minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, and folic acid plays a crucial role in optimizing immune response.

If you're not sure if you're getting enough of these crucial vitamins and minerals in your diet, here's where you can be sure to get them:

  • Mineral Essence -- a precisely balanced complex or essential oils and more than 60 trace minerals necessary for a healthy immune system. It includes well-known antioxidants and immune-supporters such as zinc, selenium, magnesium, and trace minerals. For more info Click Here.
  • Essential Manna -- rich in potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and numerous other important nutrients. For more info Click Here.
  • Super B -- an excellent source of all B vitamins. Those with impaired immune systems often lack vitamin B5 and other B vitamins. For more info Click Here.

4. Avoid contaminated or chlorinated water. Chlorine inhibits thyroid function, interfering with its uptake of iodine and the amino acid tyrosine. This slows down metabolism, circulation, and immune function.

Adding 1 drop of lemon, peppermint, or spearmint to drinking water helps.

Use chlorine-free water for showering and bathing. The RainSpa Shower Head, used with the Shower Mate Filter, will significantly reduce chlorine exposure while showering.

And the Clean Sip Filter Straw with its 3 microfilters, activated charcoal and patented system is an unbeatable portable water filter (no bigger than a drinking straw), designed for purifying drinking water when traveling or dining out. For more info Click Here.

5. Support the immune system. There are many essential oils and supplements that can help you accomplish this:

  • Grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, (See Essential Oil Singles) and Raven (See Essential Oil Blends)
  • The herbal complexes, ImmuneTune and Exodus (See Supplements) offer powerful and effective support for the immune system. Exodus II (See Essential Oil Blends) is a companion to both supplements for optimal results.
  • VitaGreen, the green food that provides a rich source of captured light (in the form of chlorophyll) along with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and important enzymes encourages healthy blood and supports immune function. For more info Click Here.

6. Diffuse essential oils to support immune function and reduce airborne pathogens and viruses that can overwhelm the immune system. Inhalation of essential oils can increase immune function through their ability to stimulate the hypothalamus.

According to studies conducted by Dr. Asawa of Japan and Dr. Richardson of England, inhalation of unadulterated essential oils increases blood flow to the brain by 15 percent and brain blood oxygen levels by 25 percent.

Some of the best essential oil blends for supporting the immune system are ImmuPower and Thieves. (Be sure not to diffuse Thieves more than 15 to 30 minutes at a time as the cinnamon may irritate the nasal passages.) To learn more about diffusing essential oils, Click Here.

7. Support the thyroid gland. The thyroid is crucial in regulating body metabolism, energy levels, and balancing immunity.

Thyromin is a supplement designed to feed, strengthen, and support the thyroid. For more info Click Here.

8. Use antioxidants. Research from the Universities of Cairo, Geneva, and Paris indicates that essential oils are one of the highest known sources of antioxidants.

Some of the best antioxidant oils are Thieves, Exodus II, Mountain Savory, Abundance, ImmuPower. (See Essential Oil Blends)

Other excellent antioxidants are:

  • Super C (supplement) -- contains vitamin C and bioflavonoids and acts as a strong immune support. For more info Click Here.
  • Essential Manna (food product) - contains an extremely wide variety of natural antioxidants. For more info Click Here.
  • Radex - a powerful free-radical eliminator. For more info Click Here.

9. Reduce candida and fungal overgrowth in the body. These can seriously impair and overload immune function. Alkaline ash whole foods and FOS (fructoligosaccharides) can minimize fungal growth.
  • Essential Manna is a whole food complex of alkaline-ash nutrients.
  • Stevia Select is a supersweet, noncaloric supplement containing FOS and stevioside. For more info Click Here.
10. Increase intake of antioxidants when exposed to radiation. If you know you have been exposed to radiation, are feeling fatigued from it, or if you are flying with commercial airlines (because of the greater exposure to radiation from the high altitude) an increased daily amount of antioxidant supplements is needed. When flying, increase intake 10 days before the trip and continue this higher dosage for 10 days after the trip.

To learn more, read:
Antibiotic Ineffectiveness
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